Melton City Council Men's Shed

About this service

The Men's Shed is a place for men to come together to share their unique skills and experiences in a relaxed inclusive and safe environment. Sheds are a place of creativity, team work and mate ship where community spirit is celebrated. Programs include; wood work, meals program, bike riding, walking groups, community projects, gardening and monthly bus outings.

    • Service name

      Melton City Council Men's Shed

    • Service address

      Melton Men's Shed: Willow Historical Park, 76 Reserve Rd, Melton. Taylors Hill Men's Shed: Morton Homestead, 7 Morton Boulevard, Taylors Hill
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    • Phone

      03 9747 7200

    • Fax

      03 9743 9970

    • Urgency levels

      For Families

    • Service hours


    • Eligibility criteria

      men 26 years and over

    • Interpreters


    • Costs

      free or low cost

    • Disability access


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    • Outreach


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    • Who can refer

      self referral